TX5S Update 16th January

Nothing significant to report. The seas are still relatively calm, the boat is stable, with some minimal rolling, WX is perfect. The team is in excellent spirits.The N6WM/MM log has just over 2,200 QSOs. The log will be uploaded to M0URX.com after the DXpedition. If you’re unsure of a contact work us again. However, there is no plan to do any additional 6M operation from the boat.As a reminder, the pilots will be monitoring our Groups.io account. Please feel free to subscribe to the group and provide input, or read what others are reporting.  The pilots will not have access to the logs.Subscribe: Clipperton-2024+subscribe@groups.ioWhile on the island or in transit we will not accept requests for “log checks” or to investigate busted calls. Busted call and Not in Log requests will be investigated by Tim M0URX. To request assistance you must use the form on Tim’s Bespoke OQRS application.And please, unless otherwise directed, do not send us e-mails that contain screenshots, spreadsheets, logs, pictures, or any other files, they will be deleted without opening. With Starlink Internet on the boat the team is in contact with family, friends and is aware of world news. Cheers, GS K5GS

A couple of questions:
1) What are the dxpeditioners doing to keep occupied during the many hours on the trip out?
2) I read that three scientists are on board. What are they planning to study once on the island?

On this project we have Starlink available to do emails and read the news.
The operators bring along books to read, laptops with videos, and the ship has a big screen TV with an HDMI port /cable we can use.
There’s a lot of chatter about the island, the setup and day to day operations. Tonight we’re having a meeting with the skipper: arrival / offload plan.

We have one professor from the University of French Polynesia and one from the University of Orleans. They will study the condition and relationship of the island’s rat and crab populations, and other topics of their interest. Various governments are looking for ways to remove non native plants and wildlife, New Zealand leading the world with these types of projects. Their proposed projects were instrumental in the issuance of the landing permit.

We have a retired French Naval officer who represents the Association la Passion-Clipperton, an organization involved with improving and preserving Clipperton Island’s environment. Cheers, GS K5GS

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Tim Beaumont