TX5S Update 15th January

The seas have been calm; we passed the half way point last night. The /MM station has been busy, with over 1,500 Qs in the log. Francesco IK0FVC is the primary SSB operator, various other operators have been working CW / FT8. Today we begin conducting planning meetings for the arrival.As a reminder, we are using WSJT-X in Fox/Hound. Callers “must” transmit above 1,000hz.  Please note:  we are not using MSHV or any other derivative. Additionally, we plan to operate split on the other modes.  This morning we installed a 6m dipole and are making FT8 contacts, 50.313. Shogun has 3 custom built, double bottomed, aluminum skiffs, designed to minimize damage when transiting the reef. The boat crew developed their landing plan and they will help us with some of our major tasks.    Cheers, GS K5GS

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Tim Beaumont