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AS QSL manager for VK0EK DXpedition to Heard Island, I would like you please to be very aware of the QSL policy to make sure you use the correct route for requesting the QSL cards for the deserving.

Please take time to read carefully. Thank you.

QSLing Procedure and Policy-  The Procedure

QSLs can be ordered three ways:

1) Online direct card request –VK0EK OQRS page
2) Mailed direct request to the QSL Manager – $5
3) Online request with delivery via the Bureau  VK0EK OQRS page 
Here are the details for these three options:


1) Online direct card request  
This is the common Online QSL Request System (OQRS). This service is accessed on the Order Page:

QSL requests from this page will be processed by the QSL manager (Tim Beaumont, MØURX) soon after the expedition, and your cards will be mailed directly to you.We HIGHLY encourage you to use this option for all VKØEK QSL requests.

The cost per QSL card request is US$5.00, regardless of the number of QSOs. However, each separate request you make will incur the same charge. This means that if you log 3 QSOs early in the expedition and check out and pay for those 3 QSO’s, you will pay $5. If you then log 2 additional QSOs and make a second QSL order, you will be charged the $5 again. Thus, you may wish to wait until you are have finished making all your QSO’s with VKØEK to place your QSL request!

Links to the OQRS Order Page are provided on our various websites:

The Expedition website www.heardisland.org
The DXpedition website www.vk0ek.org
The DXA web page www.dxa3.org

2) Mailed request to the QSL Manager $5  You can send your QSL(s) requests to:

VKØEK Heard Island DXpedition
P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth
Warwickshire CV8 1SF

The charge for this is also US$5.00, regardless of the number of QSOs you want confirmed. The fee must be enclosed with the request, and a Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) must be provided. Sorry, postage stamps IRCs & coins are not acceptable for the fee.

Recognition for Early Donors

Everyone who orders a souvenir and/or makes a donation to VKØEK prior to March 15, 2016 (whether from the Order Page or otherwise), will get their QSO’s uploaded to Logbook of the World (LOTW) during the DXpedition. This is our Express QSL Service to thank you for your support. As a convenience, the Order Page provides the option of ordering an expedition souvenir and making a voluntary donation.

The Policy
The VKØEK DXpedition will provide QSL confirmation of all valid QSOs with VKØEK.

We will use =DXA= to provide real-time (1-minute) confirmation of your QSO. This means that within one minute after you make the QSO, you will be able to see it confirmed on the =DXA= web page. If you do see it confirmed, do not make another QSO on that band/mode—you are safely in the log. However, if =DXA= is operating and you do NOT see it confirmed within a couple of minutes, you should make another QSO, and do it as quickly as possible.

The =DXA= display is the (current) VKØEK log. Therefore, confirmation on =DXA= constitutes a guarantee that you will be able to receive a QSL card and LOTW. It is equivalent to other online log servers, but available to you within 1 minute, while there is still a chance to correct an error. If you see what you believe to be an error on =DXA= (e.g., your call W1AA was listed as W1AF), you should attempt to work us again.

=DXA= will be seen at www.dxa3.org

Questions, problems, concerns, comments

The QSL manager is Tim Beaumont MØURX. He is empowered to resolve disputes, and his decision, reached together with the Radio Team Leader and the Expedition Leader, will be final.

If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or comments, please use the following link (which you also can find on the expedition websites listed above):

Contact Us

This link will enable you to send a message to the VKØEK support desk, which will help us support you the fastest and most efficient way.

Please do not email team members at their personal email addresses – any email received this way will not reach our support desk in a timely manner.

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