What is “Express LoTW?” on Bespoke OQRS

In the last blog entry we have seen how Bespoke OQRS design has optimized the QSL envelope to ensure a high percentage of delivery around the world. Now let’s look at another feature of Bespoke OQRS that is very important to both DXpeditions and DX’ers using OQRS.
Express LoTW feature on Bespoke OQRS 
What is Express LoTW? It is a feature that has several configurations set for the type of DX activity.
The configuration of the “Express LoTW” will be taken from the QSL Policy of the DX Team. The QSL manager will then implement the policy through the OQRS Configuration tool on Bespoke OQRS.
  • Log updates to Bespoke OQRS for most call signs will be configured to queue ALL LoTW for immediate upload. 
  • Some major DX’peditions have Pre-Donor Sponsors. An Excel file from the team will be uploaded to Bespoke OQRS prior or during the DXpedition. ALL QSOs for those Pre-Donors call signs will be uploaded to LoTW as each daily log is uploaded. Any QSL requirements of the donors will also be populated at this stage without any work needed to be done by the QSL manager saving a lot of manual labour. 
  • Also for the major DX’peditions, once an OQRS Direct QSL Request has been initiated, the “Express LoTW” feature will automatically queue the LoTW for uploading to LoTW. 
  • There are many DX’ers out there that do not want the QSL, but DO want the LoTW upload and wish to donate to the DXpetition. So some DXpeditions may choose to utilise the “Express LoTW” as an alternative / addition to the QSL request. This can be configured if required. 
The one question i get asked the most is “When will I be uploading to LoTW?” 
The answer is “I” won’t be! Bespoke OQRS uploads to LoTW. Check the QSL Policy of the DX call sign and you will see when the LoTW will be uploaded.

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Tim Beaumont