Missing / Busted Call Requests on Bespoke OQRS

Over the last week we have seen how Bespoke OQRS prepares your envelope to maximize the safe transit of your QSL, and seen how Bespoke OQRS manages your LoTW uploads in many different scenarios for ALL call signs managed on the system. 

For a QSL manager one of the biggest jobs to deal with especially during a major DX’pedition is handling the “Missing / Busted call inquiries” in the past this has meant trawling through hundreds or on occasions thousands of emails in the course of the DX’pedition. Here at UR QSL Bureau we no longer accept any emails about logs, it is all done on the Bespoke OQRS Log search page.

HOW and WHEN to use NIL? Button

  • The first thing you MUST always do when you search for your call sign, is to check the “Last QSO date and time” this is very clear in red text on the log search page.
  • IF the log search is older than your QSO you must WAIT for the next log update.
  • But if the missing QSO is older than the last upload, I would recommend to work again to have a good QSO in the log.
    If the expedition is over and expected QSO is not found there is a button on log search called. “NOT IN LOG?”
  • Here you will find the “Log Check Request Form” You can either upload an ADIF with the missing QSO data which is automatically sent to the queue or you can fill in the form and also add up to 200 characters for “pertinent information” 
  • Your inquiry will be sent to my work queue where your inquiry is interactively connected to the logs where i can easily check for log data issues.
  • Work again on the same Band/Mode or wait for sending the log check request after the end of DXpedition. The NIL? Button is not available until the OQRS is enabled, usually at the end of operation.
Always remember to be polite, do not be aggressive, missing or busted calls are all part of DX, there are many reasons why this happens.
Emails will not be accepted as you will be sent back to OQRS. This is the best way to deal with inquiries. Our team working through the queue may be anywhere in the world. With your inquiry on Bespoke OQRS we will handle it as soon as we can. 
DX’peditions usually recommend that if you are NIL try again for a good QSO, but only call if YOU can hear the DX!

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Tim Beaumont