Spiderbeams! Just Why?

I am very surprised that I have not heard anyone comment about how unreliable Spiderbeams are for DX’pedition use. I can’t understand WHY Spiderbeams are so widely used on DX’peditions.

Nearly every DX’pedition that takes a Spiderbeam reports of wind damage and broken Spiderbeams. The latest casualty is 3C0C. 

The problem is with Spiderbeams is the shape, they just can’t take any moderate wind. As well as being very cumbersome and awkward to erect. Unless you have them at a suitable working height you may as well be using string.

Am I the only one that hears DX’peditions using Spiderbeams and reporting almost every one failing in the wind?

Am I the only one that when a DX’pedition uses a Spiderbeam we really struggle to hear them? Probably because they are set up too low. 

There is always a joke amongst a few of us here when we see the equipment list with Spiderbeam in. “We won’t hear them then!” 

Or am I mistaken and Spiderbeams are these wonderful DX’pedition lightweight wonder antennas?
All I wonder is why they are so popular? 
While they may be a good antenna when installed on a sturdy mast / tower they are just not built for the quick portable installation.

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Tim Beaumont