MS0INT Flannan Isles EU-118


It was August 19, 2009 when the first seeds of a Flannan Isles expedition were sown. Ten months have since passed, MS0INT team are now in the very final planning stages of their island expedition.  

The first of the team arrive on June 15, followed by the rest the next day. Together, we all set off on the evening of June 16 to our base on the remote west side of Isle of Lewis. June 17 we see on air testing of equipment as MM/homecalls/p from EU-010. On June 18 we leave for Flannan’s, EU-118.  

During our journey to the Outer Hebrides, we aim to send images – and perhaps small video clips – together with short reports of our progress.  

Please note, it is highly unlikely we will have cell phone capabilities when on Flannan’s, so the online logbook will most probably be available after the expedition.
For more information the website is MS0INT

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Thursday afternoon: the team were testing equipment from the guest house on Isle of Lewis EU-010. They report that preparations are going well. They go by boat to Flannan Isles on Friday morning, they hope to land at 1300z on Friday and be active later in the afternoon.
Friday afternoon: MS0INT was reported “On Air” 1520z Friday 18th June! Flannan Isles EU-118 are now active!
Saturday 1800z: MS0INT reported working JA HL area. This was a target for the team as only 2% of IOTA participants from JA have EU-118 confirmed.
Saturday 1900z: Col reports 3,600 Qs in log. All going to plan.

If you have facility to record the operation. Please send audio files to us. Thank you.

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