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V63MJ – Broken Parts, Broken Hearts Kosrae 2015

K800 447 1

After having a great solo DXpedition to Pohnpei in 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to return to Micronesia, this time to Kosrae, OC-59, especially since I now had a 500 watt amplifier light enough to carry with me. I knew V6 was in the Top 100, so why not? Micronesia is just north of the Equator, and the 8000 mile haul to North America was doable. Although ClubLog propagation charts do not show any 160 activity to NA out of the 350 or so logs submitted, I figured that it was because no one had attempted that path yet. A challenge, true,
but one I was willing to accept!
This one would be the same route as before – Texas to Honolulu and then island hopping to Kosrae. I did an Internet search and came up with the Village Resort and Eco Lodge, complete with thatched huts on the beach, a restaurant and bar, pretty solid wireless, 110 volts and US style outlets, drinking water, dancing girls, the whole package, and the price was reasonable. I could sleep under a mosquito net, run the pileups day and/or night as I chose, 160 through 10. Even better was that my calendar was mostly free in mid-February, so I could
do the ARRL DX CW contest as DX.
I started planning right after Visalia and Dayton in the spring month of 2014, asking around to see who might be interested in either going with me. 
Well, to be sure it was like the story of the Little Red Hen: nobody wanted to go, but there were no end to the volunteers to see if they could work me on 160 once I got there! This is not to imply there were none to assist me in my preparations, as we shall see. I always look for travel buddies on these trips to share the weight
of equipment, to share to operating time, to share to experience, and to help me figure out how to fix the things which always go wrong.