Aidan gets his new call sign M6TTT

You may remember my Christmas Blog  I told you about Aidan the 12 year old from Birmingham that passed his Foundation Amateur Radio Exam, well at last he has now got his callsign, so very soon we will be doing some on air training with Aidan to help him find his feet in this great hobby of ours. It is Amateurs like Aidan that are the future of our hobby! Good luck Aidan!
Aidan’s excited email goes like this:

“Callum came round today and helped me with getting my callsign, and Callum noticed that I had done my first name and last name wrong way around (accidently), so as soon as I had done that and called up  Ofcom who fixed it INSTANTLY I could apply, but then the hard part actually choosing the call sign. We had a long and thoughtful conversation as my family started to come home, from work etc. We all had a talk  and then Callum had a phone call from James and he asked James what would he surgest as a callsign, and he was thinking T’s. So after that I finished and  Callum had an idea of M6TTT and that is what I choose.

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Tim Beaumont