All in a day’s work

Another busy afternoon in the shack, today I received an email saying that “you have QSO’s in your OQRS that are not in my logs, can I have the QSL cards?” Umm nope, most certainly not. I regard the safety and integrity of the logs I hold very highly and I do not give out QSO details. It is the responsibility of the DX’er to record the data of their QSO’s in a logging system and back that system up on a secure server or in a safe place to guard against losing valuable log details. Log it, Back it up, Keep it secure!

On opening my direct mail today I received two letters for ZC4A, but both QSL cards are not in log, oh dear let’s research this and see if I can recover the QSO’s… Hmm nope definitely not ZC4A, but on close inspection of Z60A log online I see that they actually worked Z60A, come on guys! Stop being cluster tarts and listen to the DX!

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Tim Beaumont