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In times when the cost of QSL’ing is becoming ever more expensive, it is welcome to see initiatives to reduce the cost. I would like to bring attention to the excellent QSL service provided by IK2DUW, Antonello, at the ARI HQ. An excellent initiative that is proving a great success. This means that ARI members can use the service to get QSL cards “Almost Direct” from QSL managers like myself. I send monthly bundles of QSL cards to ARI these include the “Almost Direct Service” So please pay attention Italian hams, use the excellent service that your organisation provides and I will ensure that your Bureau and “Almost Direct” cards get to you very quickly.

Here are the Instructions for use. Courtesy of ARI

The QSL Service “Almost Direct” provides that the members send QSL cards of the stations operated by the QSL Manager with which the association has reached specific agreements. 
Requests should be sent to: Antonello Passarella IK2DUW – QSL SERVICE ” ALMOST DIRECT “ARI QSL BUREAU – Via Scarlatti 31-20124 MILAN

In the envelope you have to put the cards only for stations operated by the QSL Manager included in the list below.
Other QSL cards not included in this service in another envelope sent to the Association.

The service is NOT FREE provides a cost for each QSL, because clearly there are costs to be borne, and because costs of the contribution to be sent to QSL-Manager as to cover its postage and more.
QSL must be attached for each 0.50 cents . Even in stamps.
Such aid would be very useful to the service, which does not want to burden the budget of the Association saw a significant increase in postal costs, and that in the future will be enhanced by increasing the number of QSL Manager.
In order to facilitate the work clearly indicated on the card, the name of the DX station and QSL Manager .
QSL Manager that I have currently joined the initiative are: I1JQJ – I2EOW – IK2DUW – IK2QPO – IK2QPR – IK2IQD – IK3GES – IZ8CCW – IZ8CLM – I2MQP – N2OO – W3HNK – NI5DX – DJ9ZB – EA5KB – EA5GL – EA6SK – EA7FTR – F6AJA – G3SWH – M0URX – RW6HS – IK7JTF – IK2ILH – M0OXO – KU9C
(keep in mind that there may be a risk that you’re not in log, if managers do not respond at your request, remember that the money you sent, were formerly used for postage and for the contribution to the manager)
In principle, every month the cards are sent to headquarters received QSL Manager, together with the necessary to answer, envelopes and money.
QSL cards received in response at headquarters in Milan will be sent exclusively through the bureau , with the first shipment available, so do not send return envelopes!
Kind of 73s  Antonello, IK2DUW

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