Clusters and Sysops

Over recent weeks I have noticed a growing phenomenon of people deliberately pirating other call signs on the clusters causing great offence and upset to many hams around the World. It is time now to take action! It is now time to ask for solutions to this problem, in my mind the problem is allowed to happen by irresponsible “Sysops” that serve the Amateur Radio population.
My solution is to ask ALL Cluster Systems Operators to install registration details from all users with User Name (Callsign) and Passwords for ALL users. By being able to identify the offending User it would be much easier to police and less common for the pirating to happen. I also believe that Deliberate QRM would also lessen.
I use GB7MBC Spider Cluster and i would like to say thank you to Ian and Linda for taking action and being responsible in this matter. Ian is also Sysop for HB9DRV-9 the HRD Cluster which also operates a registration system for users. I would ask each and every one of you out there to register with the Cluster and Systems Operators and try and eliminate the abuse that I see on a daily basis on the clusters!
I am happy to list here your Clusters that operate such a registration for users so that we can only use Systems that operate in a professional manner.
Thank you!

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Tim Beaumont