HH2/VE2TKH Update. Steve VE2TKH Needs YOUR Help Please!

December 7th UPDATE Batteries powered operation courtesy from Nadia Dieudonne. Propagation concerns and antenna performance restricted sometime. I want to express my sinceres thanks to Mr. Jean-Robert Gaillard, HH2JR for his kind help to obtain HH licence. WX is stil amazingly good and local food too. Also, my special thanks to Tim M0URX and ON5UR for QSL cards. I want to express the same gratefulness to Col, MM0NDX for publishing infos on his website. Still SPARE TIME operation, tnx for understanding. Maybe more time will be available on ”AIR” next visit here. Regards from Petionville.

Dec.3th UPDATE Still 2 hours to 3 hours a day batteries powered spare time operation going with very low propagation from Haiti. Power can fail at any time, so sorry if you notice my signal disappearing suddently. Still paper logging. Now a little about Haitian life. Port-au-Prince is really nice and cool despite all being said by global worldwide medias. You can eat with your wife or girlfriend for less than 10 USD for both in a restaurant. An Haitian beer named ‘’Prestige’’ is 0.75 USD and any kind of sodas are 0.33 USD in the streets (a bit more in restaurants and nightclubs). People are kind, friendly and smiling a lot. Weather is very very good since I came last Nov. 18th with only two little shower in two evenings in a row (Nov 27th and 28th). On december 1st, I went to the National Museum for 1.25 USD a visit and learned a lot about the history of this nation. I enjoy public community tranports called ‘’tap-tap’’ for 0.12 USD a ride nearly every days. Ladies are very beautiful all around here. Yeah ! Haiti way of life is good and I like it very much.

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Tim Beaumont