Incoming Bureau December 2020

1,100 Incoming Bureau cards arrived from the RSGB Bureau on December 24th 2020.

I am still having difficulty in getting this message to DL, JA, F and EA radio amateurs, that you must NOT send cards through the bureau for DXpeditions, SES or Contest Qs, or for ANY call sign that is not an RSGB member. Instead you must use OQRS as explained in the QSL policy for all DXpeditions.
Also, another problem coming from these countries is that they are then sending a second QSL through bureau to say “TNX QSL” You must not do this. Please use OQRS and correctly mark your log as QSL SENT so that you DO NOT send a QSL to DXpeditions. They are NOT needed, and cause extra costs and slows down the bureau system.
Worse are those that use OQRS, but then send a Bureau QSL and then send another Bureau QSL every month until they send a Direct QSL because the Bureau card still has not arrived. Bureau will take up to 3 years. Please understand this! As many JAs & DLs send one QSL per QSO this can lead to up 60 follow up QSL’s being received here for each DX call from 1 station.
Please USE OQRS! Thank you

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Tim Beaumont