Incoming Bureau / Outgoing Post News

Incoming Bureau cards arrived 22nd December 2009 for the follaowing call series.

1,100 QSL Cards for the G4Dxx  – Sorted and dispatched 23rd December 2009
  500 QSL Cards for the G4Rxx – Sorted and dispatched 23rd December 2009

1,800 QSL Cards Via M0URX also arrived. ALL QSL cards have now been processed. Bureau cards will be dispatched soon. Thank you to Chris G1VDP for helping with sorting duties.

Outgoing Post – January 2nd 2010
2,500 Outgoing Bureau cards in 60 packages, total weight 13kg to be posted 02/01/2010
116 Outgoing letters to be posted 02/01/2010

Still no news on Outgoing QSL Cards that have not left the RSGB Bureau since March 2008.
News from the Hungarian QSL Bureau – Jenci HA5FA reports that my packet of cards to MRASZ has arrived. Thanks Jenci for the information.
12/01/2010 – Yuri UT7UW informs me that my package of Bureau cards arrived at the Ukraine Bureau this week. Thanks Yuri

Please remember send your Bureau Request Via Email – NOT through the Bureau system for DX,peditions & DX stations that I manage. This will help save time and money. Thank you!

Happy New Year to you all. Have a safe and peaceful festive season.

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