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Wednesday 5th May
Something a little different on the blog this week. I will take you through a weeks work at the office with all the Bureau QSL cards to give you an insight into the work involved.  
I received a large box from the RSGB Bureau containing 3,400 QSL Via M0URX.
Status – ALL Bureau cards posted to World Bureaus 14/05/2010.
QSL cards will be sent direct to World Bureaus. A large percentage of cards are for 2007 and 2008, this shows just how far behind the RSGB Bureau is in my opinion! So if i had sent these cards back through RSGB Bureau it would be about 5 year turn around. Simply NOT acceptable is it?

3DA0OK   278 QSL cards processed – 50% of log QSL confirmed!
5B/G4MKP   6 QSL cards processed
7P8OK      107 QSL cards processed – 35% of log QSL confirmed
9M4SEB       7 QSL cards processed  
9M6DXX      94 QSL cards processed
9M6DXX/P 116 QSL cards processed  
9M6/G3OOK 30 QSL cards processed  
9M6XRO    481 QSL cards processed  
9M6XRO/P 108 QSL cards processed 
9M8Z         245 QSL cards processed 
A25OOK      61 QSL cards processed 
C91XO       169 QSL cards processed 50% of log QSL confirmed!
CY2ZT/2    116 QSL cards processed
M0URX      156 QSL cards processed
M0XXT       108 QSL cards processed  
MC0SHL    301 QSL cards processed 
MW9W      323 QSL cards processed 
OY4TN        55 QSL cards processed
V8FEO        62 QSL cards processed
XU7DXX       30 QSL cards processed
XU7XRO    142 QSL cards processed
ZC4VJ         44 QSL cards processed
ZS6.GM3OOK 30 QSL cards processed

Just 33 direct letters this week. I would normally do those daily as the letters come in but with so many bureau cards to deal with i have just processed direct today. All post has been posted 14/05/2010

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Tim Beaumont