“It was 599 Both Ways”

I have lost count how many times that I have seen emails saying:

“The DXpedition got my call sign wrong, please correct the log it was 599 both ways, 100% rock solid QSO”

First of all it cannot be a rock solid 100% QSO if they got your call wrong! If you believe they got the call wrong, then you should call in again to avoid disappointment. If the team tell you are already in the log then it was ok the first time.

For a “Two Way QSO” to have taken place both sides of the conversation must correctly receive the call sign.

If the DX gets the call sign wrong DO NOT say “TU 599” Instead say clearly using correct phonetics:

“No No my call sign is G9AAA G9AAA” and wait for confirmation. If he comes back to the call G9AAB then just maybe G9AAB was also in the pile up. Yes that happens! Just  try again.

I sadly have to give a lot of NOT IN LOG reports because I often find that the call logged was 100% correct but another correctly logged station.  Today’s helpful tip for working DX!

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Tim Beaumont