K5GS on the latest VP8PJ News

Thanks for the pileups!
We have all left Punta Arenas and are either home or another location of choice.
Several of us left Punta Arenas sooner than planned because of the Coronavirus situation and possible airline chaos. Fortunately, of those I’ve heard from, we had no problem buying a new ticket and getting to our final destination. 
On Sunday when Rob and  arrived at LAX the Immigration and Customs area was empty, so no delays.  All our flights were uneventful and on time.
After being away for 5 weeks we need to get our personal affairs in order and will work on DX-pedition related tasks as time is available. So please be patient, we have all have other life responsibilities.
If you have a Not in Log or suspected busted call,  Do not send e-mails, and please don’t send screenshots or log files unless requested.
Follow the Not in Log procedure:  https://sorkney.com/qsl/

Sending unsolicited e-mails slows the process, Tim works the Not in Log queue in the order received, unsolicited e-mails waste our time and will not be processed.

I’ll be posting some photographs on the website. We’re disappointed that the major conventions have been cancelled, and hope that the worst of Coronavisus comes to an end soon. We’re still planning Friedrichshafen in late June, maybe that one will happen.
Last I talked with Tim he’s making good progress with Not in Log issues, and is regularly uploading LoTW, although I did see he had a computer failure and acquired a new machine.
We appreciate the kind words from the Group and in personal e-mails from the community.
Many of you have “suggested” the next DX-pedition location, we’ve already had those discussions before and during VP8PJ.
73, GS K5GS

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