LoTW Inquiries

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Why can’t i see my LoTW match?”

In most cases this is because you have not uploaded your Qs to LoTW from your log. OQRS sends to LoTW automatically or depending on the DXpedition QSL policy.  So ALWAYS first check your LoTW account to be sure that YOU have uploaded your QSO to LoTW before contacting me.

I do not upload to LoTW. OQRS does it. So, if you have checked your LoTW account and you have uploaded, you can also check on OQRS by searching and requesting QSL, you will see the LoTW status from OQRS.
If you think there is an issue use “Not in Log?” button but only if you have checked your LoTW first!
Sorry that I am not able to upload logs to eQSL or QRZ.log, please do not ask.
Please always remember to use OQRS for your inquiries as emails may not be answered. Thank you

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Tim Beaumont