M0URX talks about no Stamps, Quality Service and Hexbeams!

I am now home and all direct and email Bureau QSL requests are completed.
MC0SHL, M9X MW9W, P29CS and ZC4VJ (ZC4VJ log up to 20th July) logs uploaded to the online log search.

137 letters posted 30/07/2010

If you are posting your QSL from Russia I ask you please to seal the envelope with tape for security. many letters arrive with no postage from Russia and these are returned Via Bureau. Or use Paypal.

Why no stamps?
I recently asked for NO postage stamps be sent if you are outside the UK. Since then I have received several emails on the matter. Please let me explain. Some QSL cards that I send are 4 sided cards, some just 2, some envelopes you send me are slightly heavier and wider than the standard 114mm x 162mm that I prefer.
In the UK the limit for the minimum postage weight to Rest of World is 10g. Quite often the letter weighs 11g which is considerably more expensive.

Also the US$2 or 1 x IRC has to cover all expenses of the QSL manager not just the post. This is why I DO NOT use postage stamps to send my mail. I have an International Postal Account where i can get large discounts on post. This frees up money to pay for ink, labels, QSL printing and other stationary needed. All stationary is purchased from wholesale outlets where i can get a good discount for bulk purchase. Bureau costs are quite considerable and are subsidised by the donations sent in and by the IRC’s and dollars with your QSL.

To be sure that your QSL arrives quickly and safely to you. Please do not send postage stamps with your QSL ONLY use US$2 or 1 x IRC that will cover 1 QSL card. For multi QSL requests check “Direct & Bureau Instructions”

If you need IRC’s or dollars ask a QSL manager in your country and see if he can supply you with some. I would rather sell dollars and IRC’s than cash them in to the bank and PO.

Credit where credit is due!
We are often quick to complain when things don’t go as we expect, me included! So I thought I would let you know about two Amateur Radio services that provide outstanding and beyond the call of duty service.

Kathy Allison at LoTW HQ has shown excellent quality of service, every time I have emailed Kathy, I have received an email back usually within 5 minutes. All enquiries dealt with fast and efficiently.

Ukraine QSL Bureau UARL.
I have heard many comments from you guys about bad post in the Ukraine but the Ukraine QSL Bureau time after time have shown excellent quality of service.

Here is the latest example: on 16th July I posted a package of MS0INT QSL cards to the Ukraine QSL Bureau. On the 22nd July I receive an email from a Ukrainian Ham thanking me for the fast Bureau QSL for MS0INT. This can’t be true so I checked my log and yes, for sure this QSL was sent Via Bureau.

G3TXQ-Hexbeam by MW0JZE 6m 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m Broadband Hexagonal Beam.
I was recently asked how I rate the Hexbeam and did I think it was a good choice of antenna for Club / Portable use.
Now into the second year using this antenna / Portable. In my opinion this is the antenna to go for. It took me 1 hour to assemble my antenna at home on my own and as you may know antenna assembly is not my forte. You do need a fairly decent mast but this antenna works very well at just 21 feet as we had it last week on Ramsey Island. We had 2 Hexbeams up at 21 feet  and we put 4,900 Qs in the log in no more than 46 hours operating over about 4 days.

Last year we had winds in excess of 65 mph sustained for several hours and it didn’t even sneaze.

Ant and I sponsored the Hexbeam that you see on this months RadCom for the MS0INT activity on Flannan Isles. This team were only on Flannan for just two and a half days and they logged 8,200 Qs which I think speaks for itself.

The quality of the parts from Anthony are very high quality to withstand UV, high winds, sub zero and rain with all screws and nuts n bolts all stainless. You can find more about the antenna here G3TXQ Hexbeam by Ant MW0JZE 

Using portable I would suggest that you put the antenna back in the box and roll the wire elemenrts, and put them back in the sleeved bag to make sure that everything is easy for its next useage.

When we finished Ramsey we took both Hexbeams down and had them carefully packed away in little over 1 hour.
I give this antenna my recommendation for home, protable and DX’pedition use.

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