Mindless Idiots!

One of the stations that I am QSL manager for was in QSO on 12m SSB recently passing information to another Radio Amateur about a 6m extension on his antenna and where to purchase this item from a supplier. This was not a DXpedition, the station was not operating a pile up, but just having a one to one QSO. Sadly the QSO was spotted on the cluster and within seconds hoards of European operators behaving like madmen descended on the frequency, what I witnessed was disgraceful and will not be tolerated. I heard one station shout “Blah Blah Blah”, I heard another station constantly repeating three letters of his call sign over and over. Despite the attempts of the DX station to regain control of these madmen it just was not worth it.
Sadly the QSO had to be terminated and the ham wanting the information was not able to get the information he needed. 
This behaviour from European operators must STOP!
If you see DX spotted on the cluster you must LISTEN, to what is going on, all the information you need is on the DX Code of Conduct. If you think it does not apply to you, IT DOES!

The DX Code of Conduct is not working in Europe because many Europeans do not want to read it, they think it does not apply to them. They think it is correct to constantly call with two letters of their call, they think it is their right to abuse and bully DX, well enough is enough! You must stop and think. In the last two days I have had two DX operators that I am manager for QRT because of such behaviour.
Just what can be done to stop this?

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Tim Beaumont