MS0INT & HB0/OU4U QSL cards arrive!

The QSL cards arrived from the printer on Thursday 15th July.  So far MS0INT 1,300 log entries have requested a QSL.
All QSL cards have now been completed and ready for dispatch.

51 Letters posted to UK on Thursday15th & 11 posted to UK on Friday 16th

372 Letters to post Saturday 17th for MS0INT & HB0/OU4U + Package to GDXF

Some Bureau cards will also be posted to Croatia, Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, & Ukraine.
The remaining Bureau cards to follow soon.

Postage Stamps NOT acceptable for QSL Postage Sorry!!!!
Out of the 62 letters that arrived with postage paid stamps on the return envelope I had 11 letters that had UNDERPAID postage stamps for the return QSL. Sorry guys!
If you are outside the UK, please DO NOT send postage stamps, if you do the QSL will be returned Via Bureau! or will be returned with a surcharge to pay on delivery.

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Tim Beaumont