OJ0UR Market Reef August 2011


The United Radio DX Team will be QRV from Market Reef from 13th – 20th August 2011.
Team Leader, Max ON5UR will be joined by PA5R Jelmer, PD9DX Dervin & ON8AK Mark.
The team met together for the first meeting last week, the team discussed their travel plans, Max explains,

“Extra kilograms are often a big problem on airplanes. So we decide that Dervin and Jelmer will transport our equipment via land. A trip through Belgium (ON), The Netherlands (PA), Germany (DL), Denmark (OZ), Sweden (SM) and Aland Islands (OH0).

Mark and Max will fly from Brussels Belgium (ON) to Helsinki Finland (OH). Later that day we fly from Helsinki Finland (OH) to Mariehamn – Aland Islands (OH0).

The day after (Saturday 13 August) a small private boat will take us and our equipment to Market Reef. We cross our fingers for good weather, so that the boat trip is possible and that we have a safe landing at Market Reef. If the weather permits, the boat will pick us up again Saturday 20 August.”

20.05.2011: Good news from Helsinki, Licence, Market Reef received. The postman made my day. We received our official licence from the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Our requested call sign OJ0UR is approved.
Special thanks to Saija Lehtonen, Technical Secretary, for the help with our application.
24.05.2011: LoTW certificate has now been received. The log will be uploaded to LoTW as soon as I receive the log from the team.

The website is now live, for more information go to OJ0UR
Image above: Market Reef in February by Pekka Väisänen.

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