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As there are new DXer’s out there all the time i thought it best to do a QSL’ing refresher blog, as some new QSL’ers are unsure how to request the QSL
Your first place of call should always be the OQRS, (Online QSL Request System) check that your QSO is correct in the log.

If the QSO is not in log, or you think it is a busted call then on the search page you will need to click the “Not in Log” button and fill in the form.

You can find in my “How To QSL” drop down menu a list of “Help Instructions” about “OQRS Hints & Tips”. If you get stuck just read the Instructions. You can also try the “Search” bar at the top of the page to find specific information on this site.

To request a QSL on OQRS is very simple just follow the instructions on each page. You must enter the correct QSO data in the correct QSO fields. We do not use your PayPal address, instead we use the address on the OQRS form we ask you to fill in. If you don’t correctly enter your FULL address then the QSL will not be delivered. I strongly advise USA full 9 digit Zip codes to be used.

I am receiving the most problems from people who QSL like it’s 1970 and refuse to read instructions, those who will not check QRZ.com, or my “How to QSL” pages where there is comprehensive details for every possible scenario. I guess those who do not want to follow instructions will also not read this Blog, well it is those people that will find that their QSL does not arrive. “But I have been doing it this way for 40 years, I won’t change now” Is something i hear often.

QSL’ing has come a long way since the 1970’s in all aspects of the QSL, from the design and printing technology to the Online QSL Request System and the out of date bureau exchange where for DXpeditions ZERO QSLs should be sent by you through the bureau, DL and JA please take note of this.
Introduction of PayPal and the demise of the IRC. Many years ago stamps were the only method of sending letters, now stamps are the most expensive way, we now use mailing accounts that give discounts to all our mailings.
There are several OQRS systems being used, ours is just one, there is Club Log OQRS and other DXpedition teams use their own also, please do not think that there is only one OQRS, there are many. 

Many DXpeditions will have their own QSL Policy, this is always soft coded into OQRS, but if you are sending your QSL to me in the post you must first read the QSL Policy on the DXpedition website, so that you understand what that QSL policy is.

UK hams, please note that a QSL Policy also applies to you! Just sending a stamp will mean no direct QSL. To explain more on this please click Cost of QSL’ing.
USA QSL’ers – If you are sending a SAE, always write in your country name USA. Without it mail sorting machines will most likely not be able to route your QSL. Please remember that letters are sorted by machine not by people.

Two things that wastes more time for me than anything is emails asking questions where the answers are all on either my website, OQRS or QRZ.com.
If you do have to email me, please be polite, always introduce yourself, there must be a please and a thank you if you are asking for my help. 
The second time waster for me is those who send me Bureau cards for DXpeditions. Please do not send Bureau cards for DXpeditions. Use OQRS and mark your log as QSL sent to stop any future QSL being sent.
I really enjoy QSL’ing and want to do my best to ensure that your QSL arrives safely. Please follow instructions and take some time to read the pages on my website if you get a little stuck. Thank you, Great DX’ing to you all.

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