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VP8PJ team will be operational as ZL1NA/MM from the Braveheart. QSL will be available after the team return home.


Update February 23rd 14:00z “We are unable to find a solid satellite connection on the island. We are waiting to change to a different satellite, but it’s not clear there will be any difference. We know it is not a hardware problem because we have 3 satellite terminals of this model and one of another model. If we can not find a solid connection we will try to upload logs from the ship every day, and even that path to the satellite is very poor. They are are continuing to install additional antennas today.  It’s cold and difficult to use hand tools in the wind.”

It is clear that a satellite connection at high latitude at South Orkney will not be able to sustain a sufficient solid connection to enable 24/7 uploading.
NB # Please continue to be patient while the team work through the options of log uploading.
Please do not email about busted calls. When the log is consolidated at the end of the DXpedition the “NOT IN LOG?” form will be enabled.

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Tim Beaumont

Tim Beaumont