SpE Brings Life to the Bands

May has produced some of the best Sporadic E conditions for many years here in the Northern Hemisphere, with conditions between Europe to North America and the Caribbean and also Europe and Africa.

PJ4DX Steve in Bonaire reports. “After only ever working around the Caribbean plus a few NA / SA stations on 6m, on the 29th it opened up to Europe. Thanks to Bert for the phone call alerting me to the opening. Best DX was LY3W at over 9000km and I think I heard a 5B4 which would have been over 10,200km if we had made the QSO. Astonishing conditions – I can understand why they call it the Magic Band (I also call it the Frustrating Band!)”

OY1OF Ólavur in the Faroe Islands also reports, “Good opening on 10m, 6m, 4m.”

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Tim Beaumont