TX5S 20th January

We know many of you are anxiously waiting for us to come up more bands / modes.Here are the facts:–    At the moment, the WX is not good for landing more people / equipment on the island.–    The boat is rocking and rolling, a few team mates are feeling the effects of the motion.–    We had to stop sending over equipment when the seas became too dangerous.–    Yesterday one of the supply boats was swamped at the reef and a food resupply was lost. Also lost were some support equipment (not radio).–    The team on the island has the main operating tent and 6 sleeping tents installed, they have food, water and petrol. They have 4 monoband VDAs installed.–    Unfortunately, not all the RF kits made it over yet, life support kits were the priority.–    Live Stream will be activated when we get more than the minimal equipment to the island.–    We’ll upload the logs to Club Log and to M0URX sometime today.–    We’re monitoring DX Summit and see the  pirate spots and the usual comments / rumors.–    We are using WSJT-X in F/H mode – call above 1000hz We will update you as conditions change.

Today’s TX5S Plan:
– The wind has moderated some, not perfect yet, but better, we’re currently at slack tide.
– However, we’re still taking some heavy rolls.
– As the tide comes in, we will again try to put people on the island at a slightly different location, short walk to the campsite.
– We’re reassessing the campsite plan.
– We’ll then prioritize which equipment cases will go over and transfer equipment till sundown.
– Assuming similar conditions tomorrow, more equipment will go over when the tide comes in.
– Just like propagation, we are at the mercy of nature.
– Other than some seasickness, there have been no injuries during the boat ride. 73, GS K5GS for the TX5S team


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Tim Beaumont