TX5S Clipperton Island PR #9

Jan. 1, 2024  TX5S Clipperton Island DXpedition  (NA-011)  January 18 – February 1, 2024
This will be the last Press Release before we depart from San Diego on January 11, 2024. We will release periodic updates from the island.
The DXpedition equipment is packed and ready for the voyage to Clipperton Island, the team will begin assembling in San Diego on January 8th. Weather permitting, we expect a 6 day voyage each way, camp setup will take approximately 1.5 – 2 days.

Follow the Shogun
We expect to have a Garmin in Reach transmitting Shogun’s position at regular intervals. You may follow the ship at: https://share.garmin.com/TX5S Also reachable from the website: TX5S.net

Log Uploads
There will be two Starlink terminals on the island. Logs will be uploaded at least once a day to both Clublog and to M0URX.com ClubLog Live Stream will be available at: https://clublog.org/livestream/TX5S
Shortly after we leave the island, confirmation requests (OQRS) will be processed only at M0URX.com
Early donors that work us will receive their LoTW while we are on the island.

Not in Log and busted calls will be investigated by submitting the form at M0URX.com.
Please, no emails about Not in Log or busted calls. You must use the reporting form on the OQRS system.

K6TU Propagation Tools
Stu K6TU has again made his personalized propagation tools available at no charge during TX5S. You can click on the logo displayed at: https://clip.pdxg.net/k6tu-propagation-tools/
DR2W Propagation Tool
Another package of free to use propagation tools are available by clicking the link at:

Groups.io Forum
The pilot team will use Groups.io to collect input from the DX community. A Groups.io account is required to post to the group. You may subscribe to the forum by sending an e-mail to: Clipperton-2024+subscribe@groups.io You may also e-mail the pilots with your reports, although Groups.io is the preferred method.

TX5S donations are only at ~53% of the goal. While adding a donation to your OQRS request is always appreciated, the cash flow challenge is real, the bills must be paid before we sail.
Since the last press release the following organizations have joined the project as sponsors:
– Liga Amadores Bras de Rádio Emissão (Brazil)
League of Brazilian Amateur Radio Broadcasters
– Motherlode DX Club (significant donation)
– The Carolina DX Association

We wish to thank the organizations and individuals who have already pledged their support to TX5S and ask those of you who have not yet processed a donation to consider supporting the project before we sail on January 11, 2024.
FT8 Operation: Unless otherwise noted, we will use WSJT-X in Fox/Hound mode. You must transmit above 1,000hz.

Special Thanks to Our Suppliers:
Equipment support from our suppliers was welcomed.
DX Engineering, Elecraft, RadioSport, ON5UR QSL Print Service, The DX Store, M0URX.com, The Daily DX , LBS, RigExpert, Spiderbeam and SQ1K Bart’s Shop (for providing the team clothing). Additionally, John N7CQQ provided the 240V amplifier power grid, and other items, from previous Clipperton DXpeditions.
Good luck in the pileups.
Clipperton 2024 Team
Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tx5s2024
Website: TX5S.net
Groups.IO: Clipperton-2024
Questions to: info@pdxg.net

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