VE3LYC ‘Dream Big & Dare to Fail’ Book

VE3LYC Cezar’s new Book, ‘Dream Big and Dare to Fail’ now being  mailed by the M0OXO QSL Service.
Reserve your copy today!
“​This book is addressed to all radio amateurs, chasers and activators alike. It will take you through the voyages I carried out as a solo operator or team member of various radio expeditions, from the Arctic to the Sub-Antarctic regions. You will join me along each journey and discover the challenges encountered in bringing on the air remote islands belonging to 25 IOTA references, 19 of which ranked in the Top #30 on the IOTA Most Wanted List out of 1136 groups activated to date. Apart from its documentary aspect I wished to provide, I hope that its reading will encourage everyone to pursue his/her own adventure dream, whichever may be, and strengthen his/her resolve in coping with all the ups and downs that it may entail. This project also gave me a new opportunity to acknowledge many of those who helped me bring my own adventure dreams to life.”

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Tim Beaumont