VP6D QSL Posted

VP6D QSL Mailing

VP6D – Ducie Island QSL cards were mailed on Monday, February 4, 2019 from the United Kingdom.
The mailing included all OQRS and Direct Mail confirmation requests received by this mailing. Also included were cards shipped to foundations / clubs for distribution. Subsequent mailings will occur on a regular basis.

Bureau cards will be shipped to the worldwide bureaus at a later date.
Please allow sufficient mail time before inquiring about missing cards.

How is the job done?
There is quite a lot of work in getting the mailing out, labelling the 5,000 envelopes ready for the cards to arrive from the printer is the first job. Once the cards arrive I label all the 6,000 QSL cards and stamp with verification mark.

With all the cards and envelopes in call sign order, it is time to start filling the envelopes with the QSL card and the leaflet from the primary sponsor NCDXF.

As I continue, the envelopes need to be kept in country order as many of the cards are sent using a mailing contract where I am required to bag all the letters for that country, and for the USA I am also required to sort in four Zip code areas before bagging the USA letters as these are sent with routing labels to JFKA, FOA, ORDA and LAXA. Then finally, the complete mailing is taken to the Mail Centre where the mail is loaded to a lorry to go to (HWDC) Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre.

Then….. a few days later we see reports on Twitter of the QSL cards arriving like this:

Now it’s my turn! I got QSL for VP6D today. Great.”


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