Which Category Are You?

This following Blog entry was written by Charles, M0OXO. It is something that we talk regularly about, because the way we are spoken to, can have an effect on us, as people, and how we deal with your comments.

“After a series of emails this week and many more in months gone by, I have to ask myself how educated we are and how would we expect our behaviour to be perceived by others? Many emails are ‘open’ emails and when I say ‘open’, I mean they have no greeting, no ‘Hello’, no ‘please’ and no ‘thank you’.
Whilst I do this work, should I expect people to be like this or should I expect more? They send emails that just have the open questions such as ;

‘I am not in your log but you are in mine, why?’
‘My card never arrived why?’
‘When will log be on LOTW?’

Now before we start by suggesting that the language barrier is an excuse, well I’m sorry. If you can write the above message in English (even with the help of ‘Google Translate’), then I am pretty sure you can be courteous too?

What is wrong with people? What is missing?
‘Hi Tim…’, ‘Hello OM..’, ‘Hi……’ would be a good start and what about ‘Please’ or even ‘Thank you’?
Your Call sign would be a huge help and what about a Name, I have one and I assume you do too?
I get really upset by these emails that just seem to get worse and worse, quite often leading to me questioning myself, ‘should I continue in this job?’
Respect is earned, I get that but there is no excuse for no manners.
People can be arrogant, ignorant or even nice, I wonder which category you would like to be in?”

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Tim Beaumont