A25/DL7DF Botswana worked on 12m


A25/DL7DF Botswana worked on 12m
Frustrating isn’t it when you see on the cluster “5/9+ worked first call”?
Well believe me this one was a tough one to work for me, small yagi minibeam and 200w. The team were in and out of my noise floor for about 2 hours today. So thank you guys for a new band slot on 12m!  
For more information on this expedition: http://www.dl7df.com/index.html 

CY2ZT/2 150th Anniversary of British Columbia.


United Radio Bureau will manage the QSL cards for the SES station CY2ZT/2 150th Anniversary of British Columbia.Steve Toupin, VE2TKH will be active throughout October & November.

I will let Steve tell you more about it….


“2008 marks a very special anniversary in British Columbia: 150 years of cultural diversity, community strength and widespread achievement since the founding of the Crown Colony of British Columbia in 1858. 

On November 19, 1858, the new colony’s governor, Sir James Douglas, read the official proclamation that cemented one of the most significant events in B.C.’s history. Arguably, if it hadn’t been for that moment, Canada may not have extended from coast to coast and B.C. might not be the strong, vibrant, united province that it is today. ca-bc

There are many things to celebrate. From the contributions of Aboriginal peoples, to the stories of the pioneers who followed the gold rush and set down roots here, this is a time to honour the diversity and widespread achievements of the people who built this province, while also setting our sights on all of the opportunities that the future holds. As a proud Canadian ham and with great souvenirs from my trip to BC back in 2001, I decided to join the celebrations with that unique S.E.S. callsign. 73 de Steve.”

9M6DXX Steve


9M6DXX Steve “On Air”
After some very poor conditions Steve was workable from the UK this afternoon but only a 5/3 signal from my small antenna! Good to hear the signal coming through Steve!

Online DIRECT QSL Request Via Paypal:

Online DIRECT QSL Request Via Paypal: I have been asked if i accept this method of QSLing!
Yes i can do this too! Fill out the form on “Contact M0URX” with QSO details and i will email you my Paypal account to transfer the $2.5
QSL= US$3 or Euro’s 2
Please remember i have to pay for envelopes and ink in the printer! Also you have no postage costs sending to me!
So i think this is a good way.

ZS6DXB is awarded trip to Willis Island


ZS6DXB is awarded trip to Willis Island!       
Congratulations to ZS6DXB, Rhynhardt Louw has been invited as one of two young hams to go on DX’pedition to Willis Island  with the team of VK9DWX.
To help Rhynhardt pay his expenses travelling to Cairns Australia the United Radio QSL Bureau have been in touch with Rhyn and we are donating £50 towards costs.
Enjoy the experience of DX’peditioning Ryhn!   


CQ CQ 20m

The SFI may be rooted at 66 but despite this, 20m was quite lively this weekend. Several stations worked from Western Canada VE6AO, VE6FI, VE7CC and Mid West USA. S21RC came up from nowhere for a very quick QSO to Bangladesh and great to hear Andy 3DA0TM in Swaziland.
TU/DB1DT worked on 14.337, trying to get through the DL call book was a hard job!

Logbook of The World


Logbook of The World
The UR QSL Bureau support LoTW wherever possible. Logs for M0URX, MU3SDE, OY4TN & ZK1SDE N/S have all been uploaded and i hope in the near future to extent to more logs soon.

IRCs and US Dollars for Sale

IRCs and US Dollars for Sale 
Like many other QSL managers if you need to buy IRC’s or US Dollars you can buy from me. Just drop me an email using the Main Menu “Contact M0URX” and your telephone contact number so that i call you and make the arrangemnts for the sale.

More info here: https://www.m0urx.com/ircs-for-sale.html

Bureau QSL Request

Dealing with thousands of Bureau QSLs each year can become quite hard work when a large shoe box arrives every couple of months. So i much prefer to receive Email QSL Bureau Requests, this way i can process 10  – 20 emails much easier without disrupting my normal daily routine. I have tried several methods so far and have finally adopted a dedicated email address tim@m0urx.com  to deal with this job and i use Zimbra email application which seems to cope with the unusual email addresses without spamming them to filters.

Or just click on Contact M0URX in the Menu and you will see a email message board to send the request to me.

In future I (well Oliver my IT engineer 😉  will be setting up a Bureau QSL request form on this site to do away with the sender sending me unnecessary QSL cards that are not required for DXpeditions. This will not only speed up your Bureau cards but also cut my Bureau costs by half.